Download Now Facebook Data Extractor 2020

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Facebook Data Extractor 20201

Download Now Facebook Data Extractor 2020

Facebook Data Extractor 2020 – program for collecting phone numbers and emails from the Facebook.

Latest working with token including cookies option. Better for using token of Facebook account.

Program features:

★ Search From Keywords. {NEW For Unlimited Audience}
★ New Token Method without Sign In into any Site / Less Chance of Getting Blocked. (NEW)
★ New Way to Scrap ID from Groups and Pages. (NEW)
★ Gender Scrap Issue Fixed. (NEW)
★ Data Can be Scraped upto 10 Millions. *(UNLIMITED)
★ Scrap Email/Phone No. from Facebook. (Any Public Group or Joined Groups.)
★ Scrap Fanpage Engagements (Likes, Comments, Shares).
★ Scrap Unlimited Data from Friends of Friends.
★ Easily get Names and Real Emails or Numbers of Facebook Niche Group members.
★ Easy way to find Profitable Niche Groups on Facebook.
★ Easy way to find Targeted Leads.
★ Easy way to get all Friend List of your friends! (NEW)
★ You can add multiple group members Emails into a single list. (Dont SPAM Users)
★ Scrap User using Keywords.
★ Scrap Facebook Groups using any Keywords {BACK AGAIN}
★ Scrap Unlimited Facebook with Particular Keywords.
★ Scrap Friends & Friends of Friends of any Users usind UID.
★ Scrap Joined Groups of any Facebook User.
★ Scrap Your own Friends or Friends of Friends.


1. Most Secure Facebook Token Generator Extension {FREE} that use Coookie to generate Token with less chance of Checkpoint.
2. Software Use Cookie & token both to bypass FB Filter for New Sign-In.
3. Drip delay Option between Data Scraping. (Now USe a Proper Random Delay, So You won’t get Block very Quick for Scraping.)
4. FB Apps Password base Token Generator (2-Factor Activated Account can also be used.)


Onetime Payment
✅1 PC License
✅1 Year
✅Work on Windows
✅FREE Support
Onetime Payment
✅Unlimited PC License
✅(Reseller)With Keygen
✅Work on Windows
✅FREE Support



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