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LinkedIn Automation Tool



Linkedomata is a bot that will help their users in automating, marketing, and building your activities on LinkedIn as LinkedIn Automation Tool. The bot is useful as it will help in growing your business by marketing your products to potential customers.
Linkedomata, in general, automates your LinkedIn marketing as well as Network building activities. You can reach out your targeted Business Leads faster and easier.

With “Linkedomata” currently you’ll be able to simply reach intent on your potential target customers and purchasers with simply a click of the button. “Automate LinkedIn” processes like connections and messages and reach your on-line B2B Leads and works each with Regular Account and Sales Navigator account.


This Best linkedin Automation Tool help you to Send bulk association requests with alittle introduction to all or any your major purchasers in one associate with a linkedin connection message & linkedin bulk message. This helps you to attain a LinkedIn association request acceptance rate of over five hundredth that is way higher than the other B2B leads platform.


LinkedOMata good electronic messaging feature permits you to conjointly embody the primary name, location, job title and name of association you’re causation message to. Automatic tagging of LinkedIn leads feature is obtainable with options like association requests, causation messages or just whereas extracting details of users. If you have got a listing of names of your potential customers beside their skilled details, then Linkedomata will simply search them singly on LinkedIn and send them association request.

LinkedIn Automation Tool Benefits

1: Linkedin Bulk Message

Linkedomata can assist you to avoid wasting time by linkedin connection message informing them regarding your business. The larva can facilitate in electronic messaging all the first-degree affiliation serving to in up your response rate. The name and therefore the location of your business may additionally be enclosed within the message serving to in promoting the product with ease.

2: Automated LinkedIn connections

The larva can facilitate in causation a connection request to the potential purchasers of the product serving to your account to grow massive. With additional connections, it’ll be simple to plug your product and attract sales since the connections rate with the larva is over hour. And Send automate linkedin connection requests to users upon request with LinkedIn Automation Tool.

3: Section B2B Leads With Automatic Tagging

Is isn’t simple tagging your LinkedIn leads in your Linkedin Sales Navigator & Generate B2B Leads with Linkedin Automation Tool. That’s why Linkedomata was designed for lead generation strategies. To automatise for you these sorts of processes.

4: 1st- 3rd-Degree Connections With Complete Connections

The larva is capable of automating the method of visiting your target audiences’ profiles from regular search panel or sales navigator. Linkedin Connection Message, you’ll be able to likewise get second and third email affiliation Ids exploitation the special feature referred to as Hunter Email API. Linkedomata will extract each data gift on LinkedIn page with linkedin suggested connections.

5: Send Your Greetings

Does one understand that you just will currently send linkedin message greetings to all or any exploitation Linkedomata? You’ll get pleasure from the liberty of getting to send multiple Greeting linkedin message examples to all or any your connections. This feature enables you to send birthday needs, gratulatory messages on achievements or new jobs and positions and work anniversaries mechanically.

6: Through LinkedIn Auto Profile Viewer, Pick Up Visibility

Automate linkedin visits designated profiles through their pages which causes you to show informed the list of the guests United Nations agency recently visited their web site.
As we know, most LinkedIn users can invariably check people that visited their profiles with LinkedIn Profile Viewer. after they do this, people who you showed on their list can see your designation. Therefore, if you’ll look relevant to the users, they’re additional probably to send you requests for affiliation.

7: Import Lists, Automatise Promoting and Build Network

Linkedomata is in a position to simply search through your list of names of your prospects in conjunction with their skilled details. Once done, it’ll extract all the main points on or send them automatic affiliation requests to use your linkedin marketing strategy & Perform LinkedIn Marketing.

8: Auto Endorse Feature

Linkedomata helps you vouch for your new connections supported their skills. With Linkedin Auto Endorse you’ll be able to transfer your own list of endorsement and so make a choice from the out there choices for each lead.

9: Multiple accounts

The larva is important for users with multiple accounts because the larva doesn’t prohibit its users to create connections with one account. Linkedomata could facilitate in promoting massive enterprises which will have multiple accounts.
  • Linkedomata Key Features

  • Automate connection requests with 2nd / 3rd degree network.
  • Automate messaging to your first degree connections.
  • Compatible with Business Plus and Sales Navigator accounts.
  • Automate extracting details of your linkedin leads.
  • Get details of decision makers with-in list of targeted companies.
  • Sends welcome message to newly added first degree connections.
  • Works with Search panel,linkedin URLs and list of name with job titles
  • Integrated with Hunter Email API to get professional email(s).
  • Note: LinkedIn Automation Tool is with Unlimited Linkedin Account Usage
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