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Download Now KITFB automation on Facebook

1. Auto Add Friends

Getting more targeted FB friends is no longer a difficult thing to do. Get the UB or Username of the FB user and let their auto-add system be your Friend.

You can find targeted Friends from FB Group, Fanpage or from posts with lots of engagement. Your Facebook wall is more vibrant and sales can also be easier if you are surrounded by friends who hit your target.

You can also choose to add only or auto send messages to new friends whenever the system sends a request to add them as your FB friend.

2. Auto Inbox Friends

Build engagement with your FB friends through the Auto Inbox Friends function. Just click extract and the system will extract all your FB Friend list. Then you can send them any message with one click.

You can send messages to your friends in either Text only or Text + Image. No more use manual methods to send inbox messages to your FB friends. Break your fingers and let the robot do it!

3. Auto Join Groups

One of the interesting things about Facebook is the existence of Facebook Group. That’s where many targeted prospects gather and many online merchants showcase their products for sale without FB ads.

With the Auto Join Group function, you simply enter the keyword and the system will search all the groups on Facebook based on the specified keyword. Then click start and the system will auto join the FB group. No more time to join one another.

4. Auto Post Groups

Want to optimize marketing on Facebook Group but tired of having to post one by one? There is now no problem with Autopost Group functionality. This is a function that most traders on Facebook especially want to save on advertising costs.

Extract the group list from your FB and select which group you want to serve ads to. With one click, the system will begin delivering ads to the groups you set. Work Smarter, Not Harder!


Among Other Functions and Advantages of KITFB Software


One Time Payment
✅1 PC License
✅1 Year
✅Work on Windows
✅FREE Support


(Reseller)With Keygen
✅Unlimited PC License
✅Unlimited PC License
✅Work on Windows
✅FREE Support



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