Botsol Google Maps Crawler Pro v9.5 - New Update 2022


Botsol Google Maps Crawler Pro v9.5 - New Update 2022

Botsol Google Maps Crawler Pro ,It’s a powerful B2B prospecting tool, This simple tool automates the process of extracting business information from Google Maps.With Multiple Input User


Botsol Google Maps Crawler Pro v9.5 – With Multiple Input User

Google Maps is a great resource to obtain business leads. An enormous number of people get contact details manually for businesses listed on Google Maps. Our simple yet powerful tool automates the whole process of extracting this type of data from Google Maps very efficiently..

It’s a bot that works like a real user, letting you extract all the information you need without being blocked

How it works.

It is very simple, It opens a chrome browser that user can use to search for businesses, when search results are shown, user will click on a button and the crawler will automatically go to each business in search results and scrape data, the scraped data can be exported to csv file.

Botsol Google Maps Crawler Pro v9.5 – New Update 2022

Emails are not available on google maps, however this app can still find the email address by going to the business’s website and scanning it to find an email address related to that business, it is usually available on home page or contact page.



Emails are not listed on Google Maps, but this tool can still obtain an email address related to the listed businesses. This is a unique feature making it stand out from other Google Maps scraping software.


It uses the Chrome browser to automate a real user’s behavior. The benefit is Google Maps will not block our software.


BotSol Google Maps Scraper is easy to use: just enter the search term, select from a few options and the tool will start working. You’ll be able to see the crawler working in the Chrome window.


We’ll make sure that any change on the Google Maps website affecting this tool’s functionality will be updated in our software ASAP, so you can continue using it seamlessly and without any issue.



1 PC License, Unlimited PC License