Business WhatsApp Sender 7.0


Business WhatsApp Sender 7.0

?API Based Business Whatsapp Sender



Business WhatsApp Sender 7.0

Features :

?Dual Mode Sending Features (Safe Mode & Blind Mode)
?Filter Business & Regular Whatsapp Number
?Fetch Contact From WhatsApp Contact
?Sending Multi-Files With A Caption
?Set Auto-Reply With Photos And Files
?Set Auto-Reply Rules Related To Keywords With Photos And Files
?Multi-Language Support
?Safe Mode Sending(No Number Blocking)
?Fast Number Filter
?Multi-Message Spin Tags And Other Options
?Campaign Report Generator
?Import From Excel, CSV, And Text
?Advanced Settings For Sending
?Advanced Internal Dialogs
?Connection Speed Control
?Sending Customized Message
?Schedule Sending
?Delay Between message



1 PC License, Unlimited PC License

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