G-Business Extractor 2023


G-Business Extractor 2023

Google maps data extractor

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G-Business Extractor 2023-google maps data extractor

G-Business Extractor is an innovative program that captures and extracts information such as address, company name, phone number, email address, website, directly from various directories, including Google Maps data scraper

Created with the latest technology you can create your own contact list in seconds. You can search by any category , such as restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels, and by any locality , city, state, and even country. It supports the extraction of company data (company name, address, telephone, email, etc…) not only for Italy but also for foreign countries (Spain, France, Germany, USA, etc.). You can use postal codes (CAP or ZIP CODE) to get more specific and targeted results by location.

Below is a detailed guide on how to use this software

[GUIDE] How to use G-Business Extractor

Step 1.

DOWNLOAD and INSTALL the G-Business Extractor program. Once started you will see the following main screen:

step 2.

At this point you have to choose what to search for and the location. Click on ADD on the left under the “ Categories ” section to write the type of company to search for (eg pizzerias, pubs, hotels, pharmacies…). In our example, suppose we want to search for ” hotel “:

You can also enter multiple categories, for example if you are looking for all restaurant businesses in a city, or in a single zip code, you can enter the following categories: bar, pastry shop, coffee shop, ice cream shop, pub, restaurant, etc…

On the right, in the ” Locations ” section, click on the ADD button to select the Country, Region, Province, City or Post Code in which to search (in our example we entered the city of Rome as the search area):

Click on OK to return to the initial screen

NB: Before starting the search and extraction, if you also want to capture the email addresses, click on the SETTINGS button at the top and then access the DATA tab . At this point, make sure that the “ Extract emails from websites (Slow Process) ” box is selected, as shown in the following figure:

Click on OK to return to the initial screen.

Step 3.

Once you have decided what and where to search, click on the button above to start the search. You can interrupt the search at any time by clicking on the STOP button . At the end of the search you will see all the results in the central screen of the program, as shown below:

Click on the right on SELECT ALL and then click on the button to proceed with extracting the data in a CSV format file. This file is easily importable into excel (if you don’t know how to do it,