Microsocial v20.57 AutLand Suite


Microsocial v20.57 AutLand Suite

AutLand Suite Microsocial Full Activated – Social Media Marketing
Save your time / Increase your sales / Involve your audience / All with 5 minutes a day+ SMS Online, Whats, Email, Olx, Skype, SEO, Facebook, Wifi com Check-In no Facebook Extratores
The best marketing tools Online with Facebook,
SMS, Whatsapp, Email Marketing, Olx Marketing, Skype Marketing, Web SEO


Microsocial v20.57 AutLand Suite

What is Microsocial Autland.Com?
They are robots that imitate humans
Do not use Apis or Plugin from any social network

What you can do with Instagram robots
What do you need? We can:
Increase your followers
Code 48 – Make bulk posts
Code 47 – Extract followers from other profiles
Code 46 – Send bulk messages
Code 45 – Extract people who like a post
Code 44 – Extract people who commented on a post
Code 43 – Separate extracted by keyword or segment
Code 42 – Like posts in bulk

How about making your advertisement direct by Whatsapp? Find and join groups, extract people and send in bulk?
Code 64 – Unlimited Sending with up to 30 Whatsapp numbers at once!
Code 63 – Simple uploads or uploads with several variables
Code 62 – Google’s Whatsapp Group Extractor, by keyword
Code 61 – Program that creates Groups and advertises them
Code 60 – Automatic creation of hundreds of groups for make posts
Code 59- List Separator for you to use in your advertisement

There are 22 robots for Facebook
See what our programs can do for you, leaving your free time
Code 58 – Post in hundreds of GROUPS
Code 57 – Send mass messages
Code 56 – Make mass posts
Code 55 – Share a posting on hundreds group
Code 54 -. search and follow mass groups of interest
Cod . 53 – Invite people to your groups or pages, bulk
Code . 52 – Comment hundreds of posts with what you want
Cod 51 – Respond to all comments on a post publicly
Cod. 50 – Respond to all comments on a post via message
Cod. 49 – Extract users from groups, pages or who have liked or even commented on a post

Did you know that you can put your computer to send SMS in bulk?
We have simple programs to send Bulk SMS using 3G mini modems with prepaid chip, we install, configure and even give you a personalized list of your city with 50,000 numbers for you to advertise
Cod. 41 – Bulk SMS with multiple chips
Cod 40 – SMS using Android without modem

Improve your Channel or advertise on YouTube
Code 39 – YouTube Subscribers: Use hundreds of channels that you create yourself, to subscribe to your main channel
Code 38 – YouTube Likes: Use hundreds of channels that you have created to give likes in any video or in the videos of your main channel
Cod. 37 – YouTube Comments: Do a keyword search save and comment on the videos you searched for
Cod. 36 – YouTube Auto Respond: Answer all comments of any video, yours or not
Cod. 35 – YouTube Audience: Are you YouTuber? This tool helps you to answer ALL the comments of your video, in addition it gives Like and I loved in all of them if you configure.
Code 34 – YouTube Views: Put up to 10 videos to run constantly increase your views and bring more visibility to your channel

Filter people, send advertising and create personalized connections
Code 33 – If your intention is to show your product or service through LinkedIn to people who may become your customers then LinkedIn Marketing Plus is the right robot.
You do a search for keywords on LinkedIn and send requests for bulk connections, along with the requests you can already send your message with your advertisement, website, phone etc.


1 PC License, Unlimited PC License