TexSender PRO 8.7.3 2023


TexSender PRO 8.7.3 2023

The Best Telegram bulk Sender software to send message to Telegram users (phone numbers or via @usernames). It offer also advanced features like Telegram Filter (to know if a number is used in Telegram or not) and Group Grabber (to extract usernames from Telegram groups).


TexSender PRO 8.7.3 2023

How it works

TEXSENDER is a software also available in a PRO version designed for those who want to send Telegram messages directly from PC in a simple and effective way. TexSender 2023 uses Telegram Web technology but adds useful features to make Marketing and send Telegram messages to multiple users at the same time. If you want to start taking advantage of this powerful and increasingly popular communication channel here’s why you should use TexSender: PRO 8.7.3


  1. Create and send custom messages (with recipient name) to Telegram contacts
  2. Import contacts (phone numbers or Telegram nicknames) from your PC (from CSV or TXT files)
  3. Send Telegram messages to contacts you don’t have in your phone book
  4. Dual Send mode: Send Telegram messages using your customers’ phone numbers or their “username”
  5. Use variables to customize the message to be sent and prevent it from being marked as spam.
  6. Ability to see the report of the campaign and check successful and not-sent messages.
  7. Ability to set a delay between messages to avoid ban
  8. TELEGRAM FILTER function to clean your contact lists and extrapolate only those that use Telegram.
  9. Ability to send Telegram messages with attachments: photos, videos, PDF documents, words, text files, etc…
  10. Ability to find potential Telegram customers using the Telegram Scraper app, a software that can retrieve telegram users (relative “username”) directly from the web.

[GUIDE] How does TEXSENDER work?

After installation open the program and click on START SERVICE to open the Telegram Web window.

Now you’ll need to enter your Telegram account phone number and click Next to sign in to web.telegram.org


TeXender allows you to send Telegram messages in two ways: the first way is via phone numbers and the second is via the usernames of Telegram users. Here’s how they work. A) SEND MESSAGES TO PHONE NUMBERS: The first thing to do is open TexSender program. It will open the window of web.telegram.org and you have to login typing your phone number. Make the Texsender screen appear above the Telegram Web screen as shown in the following figure: Click the SEND TO PHONE NUMBERS button. The following window to import phone numbers will open, just click on the IMPORT NUMBERS button at the top left (from .txt or csv file).

Make sure that the phone numbers in the csv or txt file are columned and all with the country code (e.g. For Italy +39, for U.S. +1, for India +91, for Brazil +55, etc.). The plus sign in front of the prefix can also be omitted. In addition to the phone number, if you wish, you can also put the contact’s name or other “variables” that will be automatically inserted into the message to be sent. The number and other variables must be separated by commas or semicolons. Here is an example of a txt file with contacts (phone numbers) ready to be imported into the program. Example contact files with phone numbers only:

Example of contact file with number and variable (contact name):

After importing the contact file into the program, you will see all the contacts on the left of the programIn the center you can write the message to send. In the message you can enter also variables. For example, if you entered the contact’s number and name, if you enter [[Var1]] in the message, the contact’s name will be automatically placed instead of this variable. TexSender supports up to 2 variables. By clicking on “Copy Emoji” you can also choose an emoticon to insert in the message (by copying and pasting). By clicking ADD ATTACHMENT you can attach to the message any file: photos, videos, PDF document, text document, word, powerpoint, etc… Finally, click the SEND MESSAGE button to start sending the message to all imported contacts. When you’re done, you’ll see a window that will notify you of the end of the submission:

Clicking on the “Report” button at the bottom right of the window will also allow you to see the report of the submission and know who received the message (with the status “SENT”)


All done! As you can see it is very easy to send messages (also CUSTOMIZED) to all your Telegram contacts by uploading phone numbers. The use of variables is recommended not only because it allows you to send personalized messages, ideal for communications, appointments and ad-hoc offers, but also to reduce the risk of suspension of the Telegram account because it reduces spam reports. B) SEND MESSAGES TO @USERNAMES: As you will know on Telegram a user can be located either by phone number or through a unique “username”. You can send messages using this username. Again, open TexSender on your computer and login with your phone number in web.telegram.org window to verify your account and access the service. The Telegram window will open with your contacts. Make the Texsender screen appear above the Telegram Web screen as shown in the following figure: Click the SEND TO TELEGRAM USERNAMES button. The following window to import users to contact will open, just click on the IMPORT USERNAMES button at the top left

Make sure that all usernames in the csv or txt file are columned and all with the “@” sign in front of the username (e.g. @Mike1977 or @KillyM) In addition to the username, if you wish, you can also put the contact’s name or other “variables” that will be automatically added in the message to be sent. The user name and other variables must be separated by commas or semicolons. Here is an example of a txt file with contacts (usernames) ready to be imported into the program.



TexSender is characterized by its very simple and concrete interface. In addition to the function of sending messages via phone numbers and username, there is also the Telegram Filter feature with which you can analyze a list of phone numbers and know which are associated with a Telegram account, and which are not.

The use of this function is very simple. The first thing you need to do is click the IMPORT NUMBERS button and upload the phone numbers from a .txt (or csv) file. The numbers must all have the country code (e.g. U.S. +1, .+39 for Italy, +55 for Brazil, +91 for India, etc.). Then just click on START FILTER and the program will start analyzing each number and tell you if it is a Telegram number or not.

By clicking on the SAVE ACTIVE button you can save all the numbers with a “valid” Telegram account and you can proceed with sending messages from the “SEND TO PHONE NUMBERS” section as seen in the first part of the guide. The “delay” parameter adds a delay between checking one number and the next to reduce any risk of suspension and ban account.


Group Scraper is the function that allows you to extract the username (username) of the groups to which you are subscribed. Once these usernames have been extrapolated, you can create lists of users that you can always contact via TexSender (with the function of sending messages to Username). Clicking on the GROUP SCRAPER button in the program home (below) will open this window:

Then, in the Telegram Web window, select the group from which you want to extract users and click on the EXTRACT USERS button. The username (@username) will begin to appear in the box above as they are captured.

At the end of the capture click on the SAVE button to extrapolate the contact list into a .txt file


Sending mass messages via Telegram may cause your account to be temporarily suspended if you don’t take some precautions. This suspension usually lasts 24 hours.
However, if Telegram continues to detect misuse, it may permanently suspend your account.
We are not responsible for the use of the tool and we are not responsible in the event of a Telegram account ban.
Here are some tips to minimize the risk of ban:
1- Possibly, do not use your personal Telegram account for mass submissions. You can also activate a Virtual Number to use to activate a Telegram account and send messages with it.
2 – If you’re using a new number and a new Telegram account, use it for a few days before you start a mass submission by sending and receiving individual messages with friends/relatives. This will increase the “reputation” of the account.
3- When you start making mass submissions, start with small groups (e.g. 50 or 100 contacts) and then increase.
4- Send custom messages by making use of the variables so that the recipient does not report them as spam.
5- Use the “delay” parameter to add a delay between sending one message and the next (also in the “Filter” function). Telegram does not allow you to send more than 20 messages per minute.
6. Send messages only to users who have given consent to receive your communications (commercial)
7. Do not login too many in Telegram: once you open the program does all the operations and do not close the Telegram Web window to avoid having to log in and verify again. Repeated logins to Telegram Web will cause your account to be suspended for 24 hours, and you won’t be able to use TexSender to send your messages.

1 PC License, Unlimited PC License